March 19, 2012 
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I knew that to be at home in the world was the way to be rich. The way I wanted to be rich.
~ Marlena de Blasi

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Barbara at Big BenFor years, I've been hearing from people who long to travel, but haven't figured out a way. Often, they're operating out of the old paradigm which looks something like this:


No Fun Work to Get $ =Travel


The entrepreneurial thinker has a different approach:


Fun Work + Travel = $$$


In the second instance we see what Jerry Gilles was talking about when he said, "Anything worth having is worth having fun getting." That's a fine motto for determined world travelers-or Joyfully Jobless homebodies.


How have other entrepreneurs found a way to incorporate travel into their lives? By getting creative, of course. Keep these useful tips in mind:


  • Brainstorm the obvious. If you speak English, you have a marketable commodity on the international stage. Not only are there millions of folks around the world wanting to learn our language, but if your plans include living in a non-English language country, you could provide services to English speaking visitors.

    Another possibility is to use your language skills to help foreign entrepreneurs create marketing materials and Web sites which are linguistically graceful.               

    Of course, if you're multi-lingual, that opens another huge arena of options.  
  • Build confidence at home. You could plop down in Venezuela and offer your services as a landscaper or massage therapist. It makes more sense to figure out your marketing strategy and delivery system before you go by actually starting such a business in your own backyard.

    While you may find unexpected opportunities in a distant place, at least part of your plan should include operating from your experience and confidence.                 
  • Become really good at what you do. Your mastery will be as good as a passport for opening new options. If you are a freelance anything  (well, almost anything) adding a portable profit center to your enterprises should be fairly easy. Your clients don't all have to live in close proximity so why not find some in an exotic locale? If you do, don't be surprised if the fact that you've come from afar adds to your mystique and leads to even more clients.          
  • Go fetch. Import/export has always been a popular business for folks with wanderlust. Consequently, there are numerous books on the subject, but many of them are aimed at large, conventional operations.

    If you're a small-time operator, track down my longtime favorite, How To Be an Importer and Pay for Your World Travel by Mary Green.  It's still the best thing I've seen for getting started on a shoestring.

    Thanks to eBay and other online marketing sites, you can set up shop anywhere and sell items you've discovered on your travels. Or you might become an international shopper for businesses back home.
    Get serious about building your expert status. Doors mysteriously begin to open when we become knowledgeable and are willing to share what we know. Traveling experts could conduct specialized tours to places they know well. Or they might share their expertise through seminars and workshops in diverse places.    
  • Develop your ability to spot opportunity.  You don't have to act on every great idea you get, but you do have to open your mind to the fact that opportunities are everywhere.                                         

    Challenge yourself to find problems that need solving or needs that are unmet. If you are constantly on the alert, you will find opportunities that cry out for your attention.

    Get in the habit of thinking up ways you could take advantage of neglected ideas. 


Once you begin to see for yourself how many possibilities exist, you will know beyond all doubt that you can find moneymaking opportunities no matter where you are. If you're willing to do the work to profit from them, you're on your way to becoming an intrepid traveler with a well-fed (and grateful) travel bug.   



Ready to set up shop in the global village?  Join me for my upcoming teleseminar, How to Support Your Wanderlust, and you'll learn what it takes to create a mobile operation. We'll be exploring ways to earn money as you see the world on Tuesday, April 3, 8-9:30 PM Eastern, 5-6:30 PM Pacific.


Whether you're tech savvy or not, numerous opportunities exist for designing a portable business that suits you perfectly. (Hint: if you're not excited about running an online operation at home, you shouldn't plan to run one from Bali.)


If you're ready to travel farther and stay longer, this seminar will show you what others are doing and how you can, too. Get out your suitcases, grab your passport and camera - but, first, take this teleseminar!

How to Support Your Wanderlust 


I'm heading back to Denver this weekend with a pair of old favorites and a brand new program. All three of these seminars are perfect whether your idea of being Joyfully Jobless is to be a homebody or gypsy. Here's what's happening at Colorado Free University:


              Establish Yourself as an Expert, Friday, March 23

              Become an Idea Detective, Saturday, March 24

              Making a Living Without a Job, Saturday, March 24


Don't wait any longer.These classes won't be offered again until later this year.


"Oh, to be in England now that April's there," mused Robert Browning. My thoughts exactly. I'm excited to be returning to one of my favorite spots on Earth and sharing some of my favorite ideas. Here's what I'll be doing in April.


              Self-employment as Your Next Career, evening talk, London, April 16

              Making a Living Without a Job, evening talk, Birmingham, April 17

                  Multiple Passions, Multiple Profits, Scanners Night, London, April 18

              Making a Living Without a Job, all-day seminar, London, April 21


Find details here:

London, Alternatives St. James Church

Birmingham, Tree of Life  

London, Scanners Night 



Then I'm back in Denver for the second Obstacle-Busting Mastermind. Terri Belford and I will be connecting with a small group of people who are ready to step out and move their business forward. We'll be meeting to conspire and brainstorm on May 18-20. 


Save $100 when you enroll on or before April 15. Check it out here:




Buon Viaggio,


Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter 


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