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March 16, 2015
Barbara Winter's Joyfully Jobless News
Dear Barbara,
Owning a business and working for one are as different as chalk and cheese.
~ Paul Hawken
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It was a gorgeous day yesterday as my siblings and I gathered at a beachside park in Carpinteria. While we gather regularly now that we all live in Southern California, Sunday's picnic was also a send off for our sister Nancy who is heading back to Europe for two months.


She'll begin her trip with work on a research project in the Netherlands. After that she heads to her old hometowns of Athens and Rome to catch-up with the many friends she made during her forty years living abroad. This trip also includes her first Airbnb stay in Athens.


We also spent time talking about another family trip later this year. We've adopted a tradition of making special trips to celebrate milestone birthdays. So far, those trips have found us meeting up in Sinalunga, Lucca and Venice in Italy, the Cotwolds in England, Catalina Island and Las Vegas in the US, and last year's adventure in France. This year's destination is still under discussion.


After we had chosen last year's destination, I decided I'd create a funding project to pay for it. After estimating the cost, I challenged myself to find totally new ways to generate the income. Before I knew it, the money was in the bank.


While that's a fun bonus of self-employment, I am also aware that folks whose grandest goal is becoming employee of the year would not realize how many options there are for funding things that matter to us.


Recently digital nomad Mr. Scott Eddy posted a map of the world with this declaration: Traveling is gasoline for entrepreneurs. When I shared it on Facebook, I knew there would be comments from frustrated non-entrepreneurs about not being able to afford such things. 


There was a time when I felt the same sadness. That all ended, happily, when I exchanged my employee mindset for an entrepreneurial one. It's not something I accomplished on my own, however.


It began with listening and learning from the trailblazers, the folks who had done what I dreamed of doing. I read books, attended seminars, interrogated entrepreneurs. Had I sat on my sofa merely wishing I could travel or be more prosperous or have control of my time, I'd still be the owner of an empty passport.


What I discovered, and what you can, too, if you haven't already, is that an entrepreneurial mindset is as useful as a passport. Don't wait any longer to gather some tools, connect with the joyfully jobless, find the confidence to launch your projects, make it an adventure.


You'll not only end up with a passport filled with stamps (if that's your desire) you'll be on your way to ending up with a lifetime of dreams fulfilled because you designed the itinerary yourself.


Since I'm someone who's frequently flown halfway across the country to attend a seminar, stood in line for hours to get a ticket to see Eric Clapton at Royal Albert Hall, and lost count of the number of trips I scheduled in order to catch an art exhibit, I'm aware that you don't always get another chance for some life-enhancing experiences.

While I'm not suggesting that my Joyfully Jobless Weekends are in the same category as the events listed above, I do know that my seminars have helped thousands change the direction of their lives. 

Equally true is the fact that these events are offered infrequently in a just few locations.


Right now, it's Last Call for:


Seattle, WA, March 20 & 21  

Sacramento, CA, March 27 & 28


April Events:


Las Vegas, April 10 & 11 

Edmonton, Alb, April 24 & 25 


A poll in Time Magazine found that 54% of Americans say they return from vacations feeling fatigued, partly because of pre-vacation workloads. Another finding says 62 is the average number of hours spent per year by rush hour drivers stalled or slowing in traffic in the US.


Then there's the findings from a study of 3,000 small businesses conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business and American Express which found: 

  • Personal characteristics shared by winners are having self-confidence, knowing their product and devoting full time to the business. 
  • Three-fourths of those, were motivated more by having control over their time rather than money.
  • Companies who emphasized better service had a higher survival rate than those who relied on price cutting as a strategy. 
  • A positive attitude toward small business in general and their own business in particular was a critical factor. 
  • There's no turning back for the winners. A whopping ninety percent of those who were still in business after three years said they would do it again.

I'm always fascinated by the things people tell me that that love about working for themselves. "I get to work with my cat curled up in my lap," or "I spend part of my time at my home in Maine and part of my time in my apartment in Spain." 


If you haven't seen my recent blog post, I share my favorite thing about the business I've created. A Journey of JoyFeel free to check it out.


Buon Viaggio,


Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter 


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