March 14, 2013
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Dear Barbara,

By the year 2020, the largest employer in the developed world will be Self.

~ Nicholas Negroponte 

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When I lived in Las Vegas, I always looked forward to Wednesday when my suburban newspaper showed up in my mailbox since the editorial staff seemed to think that the most fascinating folks in our community also happened to be joyfully jobless.


One week, for instance, there was a story about a man who became an artist at the age of 68. His creations are built out of pieces of wood attached together to tell a story. One is called Out of the Box and represents his lifelong desire to work as an artist.


In the introduction to Making a Living Without a Job, I said, "I became an entrepreneur because I was curious about what I could become. It was a curiosity not shared by any employer I ever had." 


Not surprisingly, I'm also curious about why others have chosen this lifestyle. Here are a few reasons that others have given.


I really love to go places and see new things. Even opening the door to a new hotel room has a feeling of anticipation. I just love it. I could spend my life arriving each evening in a new city. ~ Bill Bryson, travel writer


To me the desire to create and have control over your own life was very much part of the human spirit. What I did not fully realize was that work could open the doors to my heart. ~ Anita Roddick, Body Shop founder


See, my trick in life is to get away from having a job. That's been my guiding light. ~ Paul McCartney


I get excited about small businesses that are run with passion so that's what I recommend in my guidebooks. ~ Rick Steves


I wanted to make my store something a corporate mind would never dream up and that a large company could never sustain. ~ Collette Morgan, Wild Rumpus Books


But for those who think that an eternal escape from work would be paradise, don't forget that we all need a playground, and your own company is one of the best playgrounds of all. ~ Derek Sivers, musician and serial entrepreneur


If I go to work with some international agency, they will give me a very high salary but it really only benefits me and my family. On the other hand, if I start my own private company, I can train a lot of people and those people will go out and start their own businesses. And then maybe they will inspire people to go out and do the same thing. ~ from The Dressmaker of Kahair Khana by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon


It appears that many folks choose the Joyfully Jobless Journey because they have a vision of a more congenial life. Along the way, they discover rewards they hadn't  anticipated.

Like thousands of others, I was deeply influenced by E.F. Schumacher's Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered. I came across this brilliant book as I was wrestling with my own desire to work for myself. 


At that time, the majority of books on starting a business assumed we all aspired to create a gigantic organization. A bit later, the Go Big or Go Home folks got noisy. Did I really want a building with my name in six-foot high gold letters? A board of directors? Stockholders? Employees? Pension plans? 


None of that appealed to me and for a brief moment, I thought I'd gotten on the wrong train.


But I had a hunch that it was possible to create a livelihood that was both satisfying and profitable. And I have.


If you agree that small is still beautiful, join me and a small group of fellow explorers at a Joyfully Jobless Weekend and/or Mastermind Magic: Overcoming Obstacles and Maintaining Momentum. Both events are happening in April, a perfect time to plant some new seeds.


Milwaukee, WI is the only Upper Midwestern location for the Joyfully Jobless Weekend. If you're in that part of the country, it could be a perfect excuse for a springtime road trip where you also gather some new ideas, inspiration and information for Establishing Yourself as an Expert, Making a Living Without a Job or How to Support Your Wanderlust. 


Oh, and have I mentioned you'll also get to expand your own tribe of creatively self-employed folks?


You can register for one seminar or the entire series (and take a nice discount). It's coming up soon on April 5 & 6, so get enrolled now


Then I'll be paying my first ever visit to Asheville, NC on April 19 & 20


After all the Asheville fun, I'll be heading to Nashville, TN (another first for me) for the next Mastermind Magic with Terri Belford. This small group experience, happening on April 21-23,  is perfect for anyone ready to get unstuck, energize an existing business or develop a plan for bringing a new idea to life. Details here.

Buon Viaggio,


Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter 


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