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March 10, 2010
Barbara Winter's Joyfully Jobless News

When inspiration calls you, pick up the phone and give it directions to your house. ~

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Countless Possibilities
Lip Service or Action
Found Your Habitat?
Posse Round-Up is Winding Down
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Buon Viaggio Blog
We'll be talking about Habitats on the blog all month.
Barbara on the StairsPhilip Adams said, "When people say to me: 'How do you do so many things?' I often answer them, without meaning to be cruel: 'How do you do so little?' It seems to me that people have vast potential. Most people can do extraordinary things if they have the confidence or take the risks. Yet most people don't. They sit in front of the telly and treat life as if it goes on forever." 
Chances are good that you were not brought up to think that you could explore countless possibilities. Most of us who arrived after World War II, have been counseled to trod a narrow path in life. Pick one thing and stick with it, no matter what, has been the popular message. 
That was not always the case. Consider Leon Battista Alberti who lived in Florence in the 15th century. He was an architect, author, classical scholar, musician, stage designer and town planner. He was also known for his elegance, personal style and athletic ability and was reputed to be able to jump over a man from a standing start. 
According to author Charles Nicholl, "He created a career for himself which hadn't really existed before: a kind of freelance consultant in matters architectural, scientific, artistic and philosophical. In this role he served the papal Curia and the courts at Urbino and Mantua, as well as the Medici and Rucellai in Florence." 
While others didn't know they could, Alberti didn't know he couldn't and so he created a remarkable life that made glorious contributions to the world around him. Many scholars consider Alberti the first Renaissance man. We have no idea how many lives he inspired, but we do know that he was a powerful role model for a young teenager named
Leonardo da Vinci who aspired to live an equally rich and creative life. 
Finding a passion, any passion, opens our hearts to falling in love with life itself. It's difficult to explore possibilities if we have surpressed our passions. Ignoring the promptings of our heart, means turning a deaf ear to the call of those passions. 
Many people think passion is a singular thing, but people who live passion filled lives are usually passionate about many things. Studies have shown that the more sources of passion we have, the happier we are. 
Passions can change during different stages of our lives, too. As a growing person, you will outgrow some passions as you grow into new ones. 
To many people, success means having more; to the inspired entrepreneur, success means being more. We may not aspire to master as many things as Alberti did-but could we?
Those who have studied human potential seem to arrive at the same conclusion: when we begin to make available to ourselves our own possibilities, it's like drilling a well to an untapped energy reserve, like finding a bank account we haven't used. 
The only way to really know what's possible is to put yourself into the game. Sitting on the sidelines and watching may be amusing, but it's not the road to discovery. You've got to put yourself into the game and play full out. 
Explore. Create. Discover. Not only will you create a fascinating life, you'll never run out of new possibilities and ways to astound yourself.

Inspired Livelihood, Sedona

In anticipation of Inspired Livelihood coming up next month in Sedona, I've been thinking a lot about values and what it means to run a business that puts values into action. 

Ben Cohen and Mal Warwick address that very thing, of course, in their book Values-driven Business. I never heard it explained better than the way they do it:
"Truth to tell, social change isn't usually about the grand political revolutions that get so much attention in the history books or even about technological changes, either. Those are both major factors in promoting the phenomenon, but they're not its essence. Social change occurs when people alter their daily habits, when they start to look at familiar things in unfamiliar ways. That's really what values-driven business is about." 
If your idea of being an entrepreneur means having fun, making money and changing the world (yes, all at the same time) then Inspired Livelihood is the place for exploring how to put your values into action. 
And if thrift is one of your values, don't miss the Early Bird enrollment which ends at midnight on March 15 (yes, the Ides of March). 
Buon Viaggio BlogYears ago, I realized that meeting rooms are my natural habitat; cubicles are not. Ever since, I've been fascinated by the places where we live, create, work. And that's the exploration going on this month at Buon Viaggio blog.
If you haven't paid a visit, stop by and check out A Natural Habitat of Winners and Where in the World Do You Work? More habitat excursions are coming soon.
Joyfully Jobless JamboreeWe know it's still a bit early to be sharing our wild enthusiasm for the upcoming Joyfully Jobless Jamboree coming up in Austin, TX on October 15 & 16. However, we're ready and eager to find a dozen folks to help us shape this unique event.
The Pardnership Posse is starting to form and we couldn't be happier about the folks who have jumped in with Alice Barry, Sandy Dempsey and me. Not only will they be adding their own unique gifts and talents to the celebration, they'll be collaborating on the event, have special opportunities to showcase their own enterprises and making sure everything runs smoothly during the festivities. It's a Texas-sized opportunity.
We still have a few spaces left so if you want to be part of this tiny tribe, let us know before March 19.
Buona fortuna,
Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter

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