March 7, 2011
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BrysonLast Sunday, I was happy to see that Bill Bryson's new book, At Home, had found a spot on the best seller list. As a longtime Bryson fan, I'm always pleased to see that others enjoy him as much as I do. I also am grateful that someone stepped in when he was ignoring his dream and woke him up.

Although Bryson is a household name to many of us, it took an intervention to get him heading down this path. For several years, while Bryson was toiling away at a London newspaper, he was dreaming about being a freelance writer. With a wife and family to support, he told himself this was a risky and selfish dream. He continued to drag himself to a job that was growing continually more loathsome.

One day he got a call from his wife Cynthia. "I've just put the house on the market," she announced. Her husband was astonished, but she stood firm. "You've been talking about quitting your job and it's time you did that."

The London house was sold and the Bryson clan moved north to rural Yorkshire for a new life. Bryson's modest goal was to earn a decent living by writing articles and books. He produced several books on the English language, but it was his collections of travel essays that began earning him a devoted following and lively books sales, first in England and, gradually, in the United States.

It makes me shudder to think that he could still be cranking out newspaper copy instead of making his devoted fans laugh out loud.

Although the world is full of people like Bill Bryson, people who dream of doing one thing while doing another, not everyone has a dream champion living under the same roof. Fortunately, we can recruit our own version of Cynthia Bryson to get us heading down the right path.

If you haven't gotten moving in the direction of your dreams or are simply ready for some fresh ideas and inspiration to take you to the next level, here are five terrific resources. One (or more) might be a perfect fit for you. Take a look.



Participants had the pleasure of meeting the delightful Marianne Cantwell at the Joyfully Jobless Jamboree in Austin last October. It was the first time I'd met her, too.

The founder of Free Range Humans, Marianne is living her own entrepreneurial dream and she's eager to share what she's learned. Do yourself a big favor and spend a few minutes watching this video and getting to know this amazing woman. This is someone you'll want on your team.
Free Range Humans


Best-selling author and teacher Jen Louden and master coach and teacher Michele Lisenbury Christensen are offering their life-changing program Teach Now: The Teacher's Path again and I believe you will love it.


I really want everyone who wants to teach or gets burned out by their teaching/coaching/serving/speaking/writing work to get this program and get recharged. It's all about teaching but it's also about finding your voice and your power, and sharing it. It's about changing the world through sharing what you love - and doing that in a way that brings you alive.


The program starts March 24th with a free call on how to close the gap between how you want to teach and how you do, where you are on the teacher's path, how to give yourself the full permission you need, and lots more. Try the free call - it stands alone, it's not a sales speil, it's recorded in case you can't be there live, and it's an actual class. Let me know what you think.


Teach Now: The Teacher's Path


This April in historic San Antonio, TX, you can...

*** Learn from professional photographers the techniques they use to shoot pictures that sell for $150, $400, $500 -- and even higher...

*** Get hands-on practice applying your new skills -- while you explore a charming historic city...

*** Discover how travel photographers create a need for their photos -- and double or even triple your photography income...

*** Find out just how easy it is to turn your snapshots into cash... and enjoy the freedom, independence, and travel that freelance photography can deliver...

The Ultimate Money-Making Photography Workshop April 7-9, 2011 San Antonio, TX. Since it comes from the marvelous folks at AWAI, you know it's going to be great.

Click here for more details.

Spaces are limited. Reserve your seat before Friday, March 18 and save $200.


Debt Free for Life author David Bach says, "If possible, subscribe to at least one magazine, newspaper, or newsletter that focuses on the subject of your goal. Having a constant flow of new and exciting information flowing into your mind will keep you motivated."

If your goal is to be joyfully jobless, I know the perfect newsletter. Winning Ways, the newsletter I've been happily publishing for 25 years, is designed to be an on-going source of encouragement, resources, and power tools. You can order six idea-packed issues for just $36 by clicking on the link below. (Renewing subscribers can also use the same link.)

Winning Ways

Still Dithering?

Read Peter Shankman's passionate How to Jailbreak Your Life So You Can Live the Way You Want.
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