March 5, 2014
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We evolve at the rate of the tribe we're plugged into.  
~ Caroline Myss 
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Years ago I read a book written by a psychologist who said something that startled me. She said that the path of growth and self-actualization takes place in three stages. We go from being dependent to being independent to being interdependent.


That astonished me because I had always thought (or been told) that independence was the pinnacle of personal growth and achievement. All these years later, I have plenty of evidence that Dr. Jongeward was absolutely correct.


When I look at the ups and downs of my business, I see that every period of growth occurred when I was regularly involved with other joyfully jobless folks. Sometimes these relationships took the form of brainstorming. Sometimes celebration or condolences were in order. Connections sometimes became collaborations. The most fruitful ones involved putting ourselves in a room together and inviting the Muse to join us.


Interdependence isn't always easy, but it is essential if we are going to build the life of our dreams. As author Jane Howard so eloquently noted, "Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one."


What do Bill Gates, Plato,  Harvey Firestone (tires), Andrew Carnegie, Ben and Jerry (ice cream), Aristotle, Thomas Edison and Socrates all have in common?


None of them did it alone. They all were part of a group that met regularly with the purpose of helping one another attain their goals. They were each involved in a Mastermind.


In fact, I don't know of a single person who has been super successful without the help of a mastermind.


Just as you're more likely to drag yourself out of bed if you're  running buddy is counting on you and you're less likely to stray from your diet if you have to weigh in weekly with the group at Weight Watchers, having an accountability group keeps you on task.


Accountability is only one of many reasons entrepreneurs need to be part of a mastermind.


The beauty of a mastermind group lies in it's ability to defy mathematics. You see, when you put 8 entrepreneurs in a room together, the resulting brain power is much more than the sum of 4+4. I can't tell you why but I believe it has something to do with the way entrepreneurs thrive on challenge and problem solving. We love to share what we've learned to  help others achieve success.


If you haven't been successful in launching or growing your small business, it's likely because you don't have a group of other entrepreneurs to brainstorm with, network on your behalf and challenge you to work towards and meet your goals.


An effective mastermind group will give you the benefit of different perspectives and share resources, tactics and connections. You'll inspire each other and offer valuable feedback that your friends, family or employees can't give because they just don't understand the way an entrepreneur thinks. 


You need people who can relate to and give input on your unique challenges  because they've been there.


When you occasionally spin off course, get sidelined or distracted by too many ideas or you lose momentum because of a let down, your mastermind will help you get back on track and regain focus.


A well-functioning mastermind will help you overcome your stumbling blocks because they are looking at your obstacles through varying lenses, bringing different skill sets from diverse backgrounds.


If you're a solo entrepreneur, you can't go it alone. You need the mutual support, advice and counsel of other entrepreneurs and the guidance of those who've climbed the mountain before you.


Because we believe that being part of an effective mastermind group is like having your own board of directors,  Barbara Winter and I have put together something you'll want to be a part of. 


With beautiful Sedona, AZ as a backdrop, we'll be immersing ourselves in Mastermind Magic on April 4-6. We still have two places open so if you'd like to join us, grab one now.

Learn More about Mastermind Magic 



When you are in the deep end of the creative pool surrounded by others full of energy, ideas and examples, you learn to swim a lot better. ~ Danny Gregory


You're never any better than the influences you have. ~ Todd Rundgren


You must constantly ask yourself these questions:

                                              Who am I around?

                                        What are they doing to me?

                                     What have they got me reading?

                                      What have they got me saying?

                                      Where do they have me going?

                                      What do they have me thinking?

                                                And most important,

                                     what do they have me becoming?

                                                                                 ~ Jim Rohn


I'm heading back to Las Vegas this weekend, but I won't be hanging out with the thousands of Nascar fans who will also be in town. If you're ready to learn more about Making a Living Without a Job or Establishing Yourself as an Expert, join me at UNLV on Friday and Saturday. For details call 702-895-3394.


On March 21 & 22, I'll be back at another favorite spot, the Learning Exchange in Sacramento. Besides Making a Living and Expert, I'll also be teaching How to Support Your Wanderlust. Click Here to Learn More 


Although Las Vegas and Sacramento are familiar territory, I'm also heading into a new area where I've never been. I'm delighted that the next Joyfully Jobless Weekend will be happening in Rolla, MO on April 11 & 12.  Click Here to Learn More 

Buon Viaggio,


Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter 


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