February 6, 2011
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The future does not fit in the containers of the past. - Rishad Tobaccolwala

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Fountain in RomeWhen you look back on 2011 will you think of it as the year you really committed yourself to building the business of your dreams or as another year when you failed to act?

Trendspotter Faith Popcorn pointed out over a decade ago that more and more of us would move out of corporate confines and into our own business. In her book The Popcorn Report she says that satisfaction and having control over our own time are going to be top priorities.

Popcorn writes, "After a shocking period of corporate greed, after years of commuting, people are dreaming of renovating old houses, starting hands-on entrepreneurial businesses or even doing what they've built their careers doing-but on their own time and terms. We are asking ourselves what is real, what is honest, what is quality, what is valued, what is really important. We are trading in the rewards of traditional success in favor of slower pace and quality of life. Nobody works harder, or happier, or more productively, than people working for themselves."

So why haven't more people figured that out? Could it be that they're unaware that free enterprise is accessible to everyone? Are they believing the myths about risk? Or are they just not paying attention?

While colleges continue to turn out corporate workers, entrepreneurs are creating a different future. With every person who chooses the entrepreneurial life, it gets a little bit easier for all of us who inhabit this creative minority.

"Pretty soon, quitting your job isn't going to be a radical act," declares Gwen Bell. Working on your own has a new social cachet simply because it's not such an oddity anymore. That adds a dimension of ease that earlier entrepreneurs may not have enjoyed.

As more of us strike out on our own, we find that we have to defend our choices far less often. The warnings of dreambashers and naysayers are growing faint as we silently recall the Chinese proverb that says, "Person who says it cannot be done must not interrupt person already doing it."

Then there's the abundance of new information and resources that self-bossers couldn't have imagined even a few years ago. The proliferation of books, Web sites, and organizations devoted to entrepreneurship is another indication of this growing trend. Maybe it's because there was a void to be filled-or perhaps the new joyfully jobless can't keep it to themselves.

Whatever the reason, many self-bossers have shared their experience and expertise by writing books, teaching classes and taking on interns and apprentices.They have proved to be a jolly and effective force passing along what they've learned every day via blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Take advantage of their experience whenever you can. Doing so will make your journey speedier and easier.

As Charles Handy writes in The New Alchemists, "Today, more than ever, we need more alchemists in our society. They sow the seeds of the future. Innovation and creativity, enterprise and entrepreneurship are the vogue words for the new millennium."

Join the revolution-or help expand it if you're already there. Get rid of the excuses. Now. Your dreams are needed.



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The February issue of More magazine is full of inspiration on Reinventing Your Life including the stories of five women who started businesses for under $150 (not available online).  


Live in the UK? Join Business in Bloom which is helping 500,000 UK businesses start or grow in 2011. Lots of opportunities to get involved. 


Whether you're still digging out from the snowstorm that covered much of the US, or just spending your evenings indoors, February is a perfect time to curl up with a cup of tea and call in to a Joyfully Jobless teleclass or two.


Three old favorites return this month to help you gather some power tools for building in the months ahead. We'll start out on Wednesday, February 9, with Goalsetting 101. After floundering in my attempts at putting goal setting to work for me, I spent a year paying close attention to what moved me closer to my dreams. Those winners have been busily employed in every goal I've set since.


As I've pointed out frequently, self-employment is where we go to examine (and improve) our relationship with money. Too often, we let damaging money beliefs become our partner in business-with predictably bad results. That's where How to Be a Thrifty Entrepreneur Without Being a Cheapskate can help. Join me for tips on handling the financial side of growing your business on Wednesday, February 16.


The last of the teleclass trilogy is the always popular I Hate Marketing! which is loaded with tested techniques for making marketing a creative-and pleasurable-part of growing your business. That one arrives on Wednesday, February 23.


All teleclasses are 90 minutes long beginning at 8:30 PM Eastern, 5:30 PM Pacific. You can register for any of these programs by clicking on the link below. If you wish to join me for two or more, you can exercise a bit of thrift and take a nice discount.


Everyone who registers will also receive an audio download of the class whether or not they are on the live call.


Joyfully Jobless Teleclasses 


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