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Dear Barbara,
You and I have within us the creative intelligence to recognize the conditions that support our growth and we have the wherewithal to place ourselves in such an environment.
 ~ Stewart Emery
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Early in her third year of college, my daughter Jennie and several friends decided to sit out the following fall quarter and go to Europe. Everyone was excited about the idea and Jennie began building her travel fund.

As the months went by, her friends began dropping out. By the time September rolled around, only Jennie was still committed to the trip so off she went on her solo adventure. She wasn't alone for long, however.

Staying in youth hostels brought her into contact with other young travelers. When she met someone who seemed compatible, they'd head out for a few days together, then would go their separate ways. When I met up with her in London that November, she was sold on this way to travel she'd discovered.

After she returned to the University of Minnesota, she went to work in the student travel office where she enthusiastically encouraged others to set out on their own and find partners along the way. I don't think it's just limited to travel.

If you're running a one-person business, I urge you to consider adopting this policy yourself. In fact, these days the hot business topic is collaboration-and with good reason.

Unlike partnerships which can be delightful or difficult, collaboration isn't fraught with some of the same challenges. In a great collaboration, you simply join together with others who bring their own skills and perspectives to a project for a limited period of time. A great collaboration can produce wonderful creative synergy.

There are plenty of examples of successful collaboration in all sorts of endeavors. Composer Richard Rodgers had two long-term collaborations, first with lyricist Lorenz Hart, followed by an enormously successful collaboration with Oscar Hammerstein. Of course, theater and movie productions are large-scale collaborative undertakings.

As much as I enjoy working on my own, I enjoy collaboration just as much. Working on a project with others who have a different piece of the puzzle to contribute is a fine addition to any portfolio. I'm going to be teaming up with all sorts of people in many different places in the coming year.

If you haven't already done so, consider joining forces with a temporary partner or two and see what you can accomplish together. See what can happen when you share the risks and share the rewards.
"That which hinders your task is your task," said Sanford Meisner. It's an easy truth to overlook so when Terri Belford first proposed the idea of getting a small group together to focus on moving their business ideas forward, I signed on immediately. I knew that a mastermind group is a tried and true tool for bringing ideas to life.     

Unlike a seminar where there's a fixed agenda, the Obstacle-Buster grows out of the needs, projects and concerns of the group. Problems are tackled, excuses are dissolved, ideas are shared, suggestions are offered, new relationships are formed. Once that happens, the real power kicks in as members of the group become accountable to one another.

There's no better place to accomplish all this than in that entrepreneurial hotbed known as Las Vegas. We'll be back there on January 25 & 26 to gather with the next mastermind group to get their new year off to a lively start.

When I last checked, there were still a couple of spaces available, but don't dither if you want one of them. You can get the scoop at Obstacle Busters Mastermind. 

Ever since I invited folks to join me in The Collaboratory and set up Joyfully Jobless Weekends in their part of the world, I've been busily getting my calendar organized. The people who jumped in and joined me on this project have been exploring locations, investigating local promotion opportunities and getting things in order for lively learning adventures that will include my favorite events.

We'll be kicking off in Dallas on January 18 & 19, followed by Houston on February 15 &16, then Phoenix on February 22 & 23.

As this project continued to grow, Web Wizard Lisa Tarrant suggested it deserved its very own Web site. I agreed and urge you to pay a visit. And, of course, if you notice I'm heading to your neighborhood in 2013, I hope you'll join us.

Joyfully Jobless Weekend   

While there are many ways to measure success, one of the best is adding up the number of Firsts in your life. To little children, everything is a first. As time goes on, however, many people simply cease doing anything that is not a repeat of a past performance. That's the path to early senility.

How can you experience a life filled with Firsts? How can you find yourself exclaiming, "I've never done that before"? It may be easier than you think.

Every day living offers an abundance of opportunities to do something you've never done before. Drive a new route. Eat a new food. Get to know a stranger. Pick up a book from a section of the library you don't usually visit. Try a new marketing approach. Write a poem. Wear a color that's been absent from your wardrobe. Take a public speaking class. Plan a business project with a new partner. Keep a log of your Firsts.

While ritual and tradition may be comforting, making a conscious decision to pile up Firsts can be addictive. Doing so can also lead to larger adventures since it's a guaranteed confidence builder.

Although we all have random first-time experiences, they can be far between if we don't instigate them ourselves. Learning to think in new ways, in turn, is vital to growth. "It is one of the paradoxes of success," Charles Handy discovered, "that the things and ways which got you where you are, are seldom the things that keep you there."

You've got to keep creating Firsts if you want to see progress.

Buon Viaggio,


Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter 


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