January 14, 2013
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Dear Barbara,
When one stops looking exclusively for results and embraces the journey, the results arrive much faster. 
~ Mike Dooley
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My 8-year-old granddaughter has been making art since her toddler days. Some of my favorites are framed and hanging in my office, including her delightful Chihuly as a Boy.


When she comes to visit me, she usually asks me to fetch her art box from the closet shelf before she even inventories the snacks in my kitchen.Then she gets busy making art.


So I was quite unprepared when she began drawing yesterday and was overcome by a crisis of confidence. "I can't draw," she wailed and laid down on the floor and covered her head.  


I challenged her. I tried to reason. I handed her a copy of Julia Cameron's How to Avoid Making Art. Nothing would appease her. 


What was going on here? When she finally was willing to talk about it, she told me how she'd been comparing her work to some of the student art adorning the hallways of her school. "I can't draw," she repeated.


Personally, I think 8 is too soon to become discouraged. So is 80. 


Perhaps the fact that Zoe had gone to her first slumber party the night before and was sleep deprived contributed to her crisis of confidence. Or maybe she was judging herself too harshly.


Whatever the explanation, I am as determined as ever to help Zoe get back to championing her dreams. If only I could show her what happens when we abandon our gifts, I thought.


Then I realized it would be more valuable to show her what happens when we surround our dreams with support. 


So how do we do that? Here are three things that made a big difference for me.


1. Encountering the Human Potential Movement. When I discovered the writings and teachings of people like Abraham Maslow, it felt as if I'd been handed a pair of high-powered binoculars. More importantly, I learned to listen to the prompting of my heart.


2. Connecting with others who are diligently committed to living a creative life. I recently finished reading Dan Buettner's Thrive which examines the behavior of people living in places that rate high on the happiness scale. 


One of his conclusions is, "Who we hang out with has an enormous and measurable influence not only on how happy we are, but also on how fat we are, or even how lonely we are." 


People who are busily building their dreams tend to be supportive of others who are doing the same.


3. Being a voluntary student. Staying curious is essential, of course, but a big discovery was that my business could be one of my wisest teachers. 


If you want to keep the optimism that accompanies the start of a new year going, create your own laboratory (your life) and test those three ideas for yourself. 


Now I just have to figure out how to teach Zoe to do that for herself.

Back in the days when Fun Ed was operating in Dallas, I always looked forward to my visits there. Texans, as it turns out, are quite skilled at livening up a room.

So when I began hunting for collaborators for my
Joyfully Jobless Weekends, I was excited when Susan Hamm stepped up and said she'd love to make it happen in Big D.


That weekend is coming up now and if you've been dithering, it's time to be decisive. This is the only time in 2013 that I have scheduled to share Establish Yourself as an Expert, Making a Living Without a Job and How to Support Your Wanderlust. 


It's all happening on the evening of January 18 and all-day on the 19th. Click on the link below for all details.


Joyfully Jobless Dallas 


By the way, registrations are coming in for the February JJ Weekends in Houston and Phoenix. If you're in the vicinity, check out the Joyfully Jobless Weekend site and see what all the excitement is about.

I loved Tom Friedman's piece on collaboration in the NY Times yesterday. "With collaboration, one plus one can sometimes equal four." That's pretty much sums up what the Obstacle-Buster Mastermind is all about. 


This small event is the perfect environment to roll up your sleeves and get focused on what's next. In a distraction-free zone (yes, it's possible in lively Las Vegas) you'll be gathering tips, tools and support for your vision. 


And the support continues for an entire year. Just as I was writing this, a message came in from Paula Lucas, an attendee at last January's Mastermind. She reported all the exciting places her business is taking her this year and ended by saying, "Thank you ALL....this would not be possible without your continuing support and encouragement and so much more!" 


If you'd like to surround yourself with some creative co-conspirators, join Terri Belford and me on January 25-27 and clear the path to your dreams. 



Buon Viaggio,


Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter 


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