By Bizymoms

There are many of us who have that proverbial entrepreneurial fire in the belly, but sometimes we just tend to miss the signs. If the constraints of your job are getting too much for you to handle, perhaps you ought to look for the signs whether it is your natural entrepreneurial spirit that is stifling you in a typical “9 to 5” routine that offers little excitement and a lot of bureaucracy and boredom.

Here are 10 sure fire signs that should tell you that it is time to get out of the rat race and embrace your entrepreneurial spirit:

  1. You do not get repelled at the thought of becoming a “work at home” dad or mom. You are mentally prepared to leave the frills of an office environment and ready to start small, even from your home and without any support staff or fancy overheads that you could afford at your job.
  2. You have a family history of entrepreneurship. It could be your parents or even  your grandparents who were entrepreneurs in their own right. Perhaps in your younger days there was a time when you imagined yourself becoming an entrepreneur one day just like them, and now that thought keeps revisiting you.
  3. You are not passionate in your current job, and in fact at previous places of  employment you have remained unenthusiastic. Even the frequent change of jobs has not been able to help you find the “right” job for you.
  4. You are excited, not in the office environment, but out in the marketplace where you meet customers. You like to get involved with the customers’ problems and solve them with a personal interest, quite unlike your dull behavior at the office.
  5. You dislike taking orders from your superiors and working within the prescribed set of parameters. You like to set your own pace of work and develop your own style of functioning.
  6. You get excited about new business ideas, and like to be innovative even if your employers are conservative and do not agree to your out-of-the-box proposals.
  7. You have discussed the idea of starting out on your own with your family and friends frequently. The steam of this idea has refused to fizzle out, and you are constantly thinking about it.
  8. You have saved enough money that is required to start a small business. You do not like to fritter away your savings on luxuries, and have rather kept the money in a secret hope of providing fuel to your entrepreneurial ambitions someday.
  9. You do not mind working hard and there is no laziness or lethargy in your approach towards work. However, it is the lack of independence and the politics at work that tires you down.
  10. You are a natural at creating a network of friends, acquaintances and clients. You are extrovert by nature and like to create new opportunities out of your networks.

If you find some or all of the above-mentioned signs matching with your personal profile, perhaps you ought to consider giving up your comfort zone at your current job, and take a plunge into the challenging, uncharted waters of entrepreneurship.


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