There’s no question that we are living in rapidly changing times, but what’s not given much attention in all the emotional conversation is that the outcome will not be the same for everyone. Some people will come through these times bitter while others will end up better. Money has nothing to do with which side we end up on.

Lately I’ve been thinking about something I heard spiritual teacher Terry Cole Whittaker say. When people would come to her for counseling and declare, “My life is falling apart,” Whittaker would ask, “How do you know it’s not falling together?” 

Most of us have had a time–or several–in our own lives when something that seemed tragic turned into something terrific. We humans seem to forget those past turnarounds so allow ourselves to go through all sorts of anxiety–often before our story reaches a happy ending.

The other day I was going through some back issues of Winning Ways when I came across an old AT&T ad which added a little more perspective. Here’s what it said:

I lost a boss.

I found a loan.

I lost a paycheck.

I found a payroll.

I lost an office with a view.

I found perspective.

I lost a title.

I found my own place.

I gave up a position.

I found my future.

Want to come through the turbulence better, not bitter? Try this: Stay calm, breathe, look for the gifts.

The important thing is this: to be able to sacrifice at any moment what you are for what you could become. ~ Cardinal Suenens

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